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  Scenic Area of Huishan Ancient Town is divided into four tourism areas that are Cultural Relics and Historic Sites Area, Xihui Scenic Area, Historical and Cultural Street Area and Mountain Forest Conservation Area.

  The scenic area covers an area of 3.5 square kilometers, 109 hectares of which is the core area. It has been listed as a national key park, Chinese Historical and Cultural Street and in the tentative list of World Cultural Heritage in China.

  The well-known scenic sites include the Liangzhu Culture Ruins of Xishan Ancestors, the place where Lord of Chunshen watered his horse in the Warring States Period, Huishan Temple Garden in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Second Spring in Vast World in the Tang Dynasty, ancient Jinlian Bridge in the Song Dynasty, ancient Jichang Garden in the Ming Dynasty, 108 ancestral halls and gardens dating from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China, Ah Bing’s Tomb Park and the most excellent specified plant garden - China Rhododendron Garden. 

  All these attractions contribute to exhibiting the lingering charm of ancient water towns by the mountain in Jiangnan, as well as the great glory those brilliant men have brought to the place. Emperor Qianlong described that “only Huishan Mountain appears elegant, leisurely and quiet”, which is regarded as the most splendid recommendation and cultural card of this scenic area.

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